#FANUARY is an art project where participants create an image of some person, place or thing they are a fan of every day for the month of January, and then post the image and tag it #FANUARY on social media such as Twitter or Instagram. Bring in the new year by appreciating and sharing the things you love! There are no rules, and anyone can participate.

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Some possible topics:

People: artists, cartoonists, illustrators, musicians, actors, directors, writers, poets, designers, architects, philosophers, baristas, friends
Artworks: books, movies, comics, animation, tv shows, games, paintings, buildings
Fictional characters: heroes, villains, sidekicks, b-listers, background schlubs
Things: plants, animals, foods, drinks, tools, useful objects, cities, machines
Ideas: lifehacks, recipes, techniques, aspirations, hopes, jokes, riddles

Be as specific or as general as you want in what you wish to share.

If you are posting an image of a person or a person’s work that you are a fan of, you are encouraged to tag that person in the post so they will know you think they are awesome.